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SUPER TEKS Series 500 HEX HEAD No Seal Self Drilling Screws

SUPER TEKS Series 500 HEX HEAD No Seal Self Drilling Screws

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Designed for use in thick steels (hot rolled steel) from 3.0mm to 12.0mm.

Will cut their own mating threads and fasten securely in one simple operation. Has the same twist drill as a conventional Metal Teks©, but with extra long cutting flutes to drill, tap, seal and fasten in one simple operation.

How To Use
1. Ensure that the total thickness of the materials to be joined does not exceed 12.5mm.
2. Select the correct driver for the screw being used
Head Style Driver
Wafer #3 Cross Recess Bit
Hex 5/16” Hex Socket

3. Fit driver to a power screwdriver set to medium - approx. 2500 rpm.
4. Fit screw to driver and place at fastening position.
5. Use medium revs for drilling then slow down when the thread engages in order to set the screw properly.
*If flute becomes clogged, temporarily withdraw the screw from the hole. Clean the flutes, then continue drilling.

More sizes available in store please ring to order or pricing on bulk quantities.


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