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RAMSET RamPlug™ Nylon Frame Anchors LONG

RAMSET RamPlug™ Nylon Frame Anchors LONG

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Long Plug*
Part No. Anchor Size (mm) Max Fixture Thickness (mm) Anchor Length (mm) Drilled Hole Ø (mm) Min Hole Depth (mm) Screw Gauge Order Qty Add to toolbox View Related
DLP08 * 8 10 80 8 80 10 - 14 100
DLP10 * 10 10 80 10 90 14 - 18 25

The RamPlug™ Nylon Frame Anchor is a light duty, rotation setting, interference fit anchor, designed for use in a variety of substrates such as concrete, stone, solid brick, hollow brick, solid block, hollow block, hollow slab block and lightweight concrete (AAC) block.

More sizes available in store please ring to order or pricing on bulk quantities.


Ph: 02 4367 8273


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