WING TEKS Countersunk Rib Head Phillips Drive Screws - Metal by the Metre

WING TEKS Countersunk Rib Head Phillips Drive Screws

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Application: For fixing timber and composite boards to steel. 18 TPI.



For fixing… Timber and Composite Boards to Metal.

Specially designed to enable the fastener to fix timber to metal without the timber rising to the top of the screw while the metal is being drilled. Features a flat head with reaming cutters in the underside to enable the head of the fastener to self-embed for a flush or recessed finish. The new, simplified Buidex Wing Teks range now have a new wing design,making them even quicker and easier to install.
They are available in our exclusive Climacoat© 3 finish, providing greater protection in treated timbers.

How the Wing-Teks© Work
A. The drill point drills the timber, as the wings counter bore the hole larger than the thread diameter. With the hole being larger the thread will not engage into the timber.
B. After the Teks© point drills through the metal, the wings break off on contact with the metal.
C. The thread cutting feature on the shank cuts a mating thread in the metal and the thread continues to engage. The head then clamps this material firmly together.

How To Use
1. Measure the thickness of materials to be fastened including the air gap

Measure the thickness of materials to be fastened including the air gap:

Wing Teks Size/ Maximum Timber Thickness/Minimum Steel Thickness/Maximum Steel Thickness/ Rec Drill Type

6-20x50mm CSK RIB 37mm 1.0mm 2.3mm 350-550W

8-18x35mm CSK RIB 20mm 1.0mm 2.5mm 350-550W

10-16x40mm CSK RIB 22mm 1.2mm 3.5mm 350-550W

10-16x45mm CSK RIB 27mm 1.2mm 3.5mm 350-550W

10-16x55mm CSK RIB 37mm 1.2mm 3.5mm 350-550W

10-16x75mm CSK RIB 57mm 1.2mm 3.5mm 350-550W

14-20x65mm CSK RIB 41mm 2.0mm 6.4mm 700-900W

2. Select correct size drive bit
6, 8 & 10 gauge #2 Cross Recess Bit
14 gauge #3 Cross Recess Bit

3. Fit driver to a power screwdriver set to high approx. 2500rpm (Driving too slowly may result in the wings not breaking off. The hole will be too large and the thread won’t hold). Note. 14g screws set driver speed to 0-1000rpm.

4. Squeeze screwdriver trigger and maintain firm end pressure until the WingTeks© has drilled and fastened.



Buildex is one of the worlds leading manufacturers
and suppliers of self-drilling screws and fasteners.
Established in Australia since 1917, the ITW Buildex head office is based in Melbourne Victoria, with an on-site manufacturing plant producing hundreds of millions of self-drilling screws annually, from roll-forming to threading, alloy plating to head painting, including stainless steel fasteners.

Buildex Product Range


Additional information

Weight 270 g

8g, 10g, 14g


35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, 75mm


25, 100, 1000


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