Be Brave, Go Bold - Metal Colour Trends for 2019 | Metal by the Metre
The metal colour trend forecast for 2019 is in, and it’s predicting bold! Gone are the days of simple grey, black, white and silver metal. Today we have the resources to coat perforated metal in any colour to suit your bold and bright project needs. This forecast suggests a year of pops, bright tones, and a rainbow of bold colour.

Who Decides These Colour Trends?

Pantone! Pantone are the industry leader in colour language, enabling colour critical decisions for brands across the world. In fact, over 10 million designers globally rely on Pantone for their colour decisions. Pantone are the global authority of colour, so essentially, what Pantone says, goes.

The Trends

Pantone have revealed 72 on trend colours that are said to be derived from what tempts our senses. One palette named ‘Cravings’ features an array of hot reds, sweet / vibrant oranges, and more neutral chocolate / coffee coloured tones. This palette seductively alludes to some of life’s simple pleasures; Coffee, Chocolate, and Sweets! ‘Classico’ is a more simple, elegant palette of Pantones 2019 colour trends. This Palette includes some timeless tones, such as white and rich caramels, designed to be forever fashionable.

Sydney Design School agrees with this forecast, also suggesting the trend for 2019 will include primary red and yellow, coastal blue and gender neutral purple. While Pantones forecast is aimed primarily at interior design,  the colour schemes are just as easily applicable to external environment too. How would you feel about a rich purple balustrade, or a spicy red letterbox? It might seem a little whacky now, but keep your eyes peeled coming into the new year, you might start to see some bright features in your neighbourhood or work evironment!