Fastener Corrosion Protection | Protect Your Home from Aussie Marine Conditions

Here in Australia, 85% of the Australian population live within 50km of the coastline. Our home is girt by sea. This means a large portion of Australian houses are located in corrosion zones, which becomes an issue when the wrong metals are chosen for the construction of some homes. Salt and metals do not mix. Exposure to salt causes metals to corrode, meaning it eats away the metal, weakening it. Salt water corrosion is five times faster than fresh water, and salty humidity corrodes ten times faster than regular air humidity.


The fasteners used in constructing homes are typically metal based, but are treated to prevent this corrosion from occurring. Imagine if the very things that hold your home together weaken! Our supplier Buildex has developed a coating process to provide corrosion protection, and withstand the Australian Marine Conditions. Buildex estimates that in a roof project for example, only 2% of the costs will come down to the fasteners, so while it may seem like an insignificant part of the project, it could potentially be the most important aspect.

Buildex Corrosion Zones

Buildex has developed a framework to determine which category of corrosion protection is needed depending on your environmental conditions.

 Category 5: Very Severe Marine- This category is the strongest protection, because these homes are located up to 400m from the Ocean, but out of the way of the wave splash zone.

Category 4: Severe Marine- This is for homes located between 400m and 1km from the ocean, or 400m from a salt water creek.

Category 3: Mild and Moderate Marine- Buildings located between 1km and 50km from the ocean, or from 150m to 1km from a salt water creek.

Australia’s relativity to the ocean means we are always going to be in the corrosion zone, so give your home the best chance possible and ensure you choose the fasteners appropriate for your home location. Buildex Climaseal is a great place to start when looking for your next project.