Screw Heads and Bits

Screw Heads!

There are so many types of screws, all with varying characteristics. Some are Long, fat, round, or skinny. Its hard to be certain if your driver is the best fit for the screw heads your using. 

It can be quite simple. Think of screws like a puzzle… to see the whole picture you need to find pieces that go together. This guide will give you a quick understanding of what each screw looks like!

Screw Heads

Slotted Screw: The slotted screw is the oldest kind of screw and traditionally it was the only screw available. Slotted screw heads feature one line across the middle, where a flat screwdriver would fit. Once the edges of the screw became damaged and burred, the screw was unusable.

Phillips Screw

Phillips Screw: This screw was developed to improve the performance of a screw. The phillips screw has 4 points of contact instead of the slotted’ 2. Conveniently, slotted head screwdrivers also work on these screws. Phillips screws are prone to burring and damage.


Pozi Screw Heads

Pozi Drive Screw: The Pozi drive screw has 8 points of contact. By adding a second cross to the first cross, the contact of driver to screw is drastically improved. This screw has a superior grip to a phillips screw, and can also be used with a slotted screw driver.

Robertson Screw

Square Recess or Robertson Screw: The head on this screw is square and can be used by both a square driver and a slotted driver. This head works excellent with the square driver because they fit together perfectly, allowing for a smooth and efficient performance.

Hex Screw

Hex Screw: A hex screw has a hexagonal shaped head. These are typically used by a hex key or allen keys. These screws are made to extend above the surface.

Torx Head Screw

Torx Head Screw: A torx head screw has a 6 point head making the drive easier because of the large surface. A torx head screw requires a specific torx head screwdriver to suit them.

Experience the Metal by the Metre Difference…

When choosing your screwdriver, take note of the types of screws you are using. Some screwdrivers are versatile and can be used on many forms of screws, however specialised screws such as the Torx head, needs its own screwdriver. Here at Metal by the Metre we stock a number of screws in their various forms. We are happy to help you plan your next project. Contact us or visit us in store!

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